My Birthday Week

Yes, I got a whole week.

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind. Tony and I both had birthdays (YAY!) and every day was filled with something!

Tuesday was my birthday. I’ve been doing Krav Maga a couple times a week, so after my class, I went to pick up Tony from work and have a little birthday lunch.

Veggie Grill is near his work and they sent us each a free meal for our birthdays. FREE lunch! Heck yes!

I went with their new Latin Succotash and (ALWAYS) a side of their mac and cheese.

IMG_1602 IMG_1603

For dinner, we headed into the City and went to Cha-Ya, a Japanese restaurant that is frequently on “must-eat” lists of vegan restaurants in San Francisco. The food was really good. The service was…odd. We had a good time.


IMG_1607This was the weirdest dish we’ve ever had. It was good. But it was weird. It was called the Moon Garden and was described as tofu custard. It came recommended… I would not really recommend you get it. The carrots are cute, though.

IMG_1608For dessert? A free slice of cake! Happy birthday!

IMG_1609On Friday night we went out with friends to celebrate our birthdays and ended up at a secret pirate-themed bar. It was a blast!

Saturday was a relaxing day to run errands and whatnot. On Sunday, I played soccer while Tony had to sit out with an injury.

It was a great week!