Delighted To Know You

Recently I was approached to try out some new vegan products, review them, share with you, and then give you a discount code if you want to try!

If you don’t already subscribe to Vegan Cuts, I suggest you go sign up right now. I’ll wait….

Vegan Cuts is sort of a vegan version of Open Sky or Groupon. I love it!

I was asked to test drive and review Kur Organic Superfoods‘ Delights. They sent me three different flavors: Coconut Creme, Brownie and Dark Chocolate Mint.

Each little box came with 4 little “Delights” each individually wrapped.

When I say little, I was surprised to see just how small they are.

That’s a normal highlighter… to highlight the size (get it?). Anyway, at first I was sort of confused by the small size, a little bit irritated because I was hungry.

But the more I tasted them, the more I realized that you really only need that little bit. It’s so sweet and satisfying you wouldn’t want to eat more. Or you do, but you might not feel well if you kept eating them.

Pros: raw, organic, vegan ingredients. As an example, The ingredients for the coconut creme flavor: dates, cashew butter, dried shredded coconut, cashews. End of story. They are naturally sweetened by the dates so you don’t get a ton of “added” sugar.

Cons: Really, my only complaint (and it’s not really much of a complaint) is that the brownie flavor wasn’t chocolatey enough for me and was very similar to a Lara Bar but much, much sweeter. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still very tasty. I just wouldn’t call them “Brownies.”

Pros: The Dark Chocolate Mint flavor is TO DIE FOR. No joke. They’re sprinkled on top with crunchy cacao nibs and have peppermint essential oil in the ingredients. Delight, indeed. These ones are the kind that you wish were bigger but know you would regret eating a second or third one. At only 65 calories each, you don’t really have to feel bad about eating more than one… or the whole box. They are better than Thin Mints. (Yeah, I said it.)

So the final verdict? They’re the perfect little pick-me-up snack. When you’re craving something sweet and chocolatey in the mid-afternoon, one of these will definitely do the trick. Would I purchase more? I would ABSOLUTELY purchase a lifetime supply of the Dark Chocolate Mint! (That is, if Tony would let me do something so crazy!)

So, if you would like to give these a go, and I recommend you try them out, here’s a little something:

Use the coupon code “BLOGFRIEND” at checkout and save an additional 10% off your order. The discount doesn’t apply to shipping and  expires Oct 31, 2012.


As I stated above, Vegan Cuts approached me to give my full, honest opinion on one of their products. I was not paid to write what I did, though I did receive food samples. It’s always fun to find out about awesome new vegan products!



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